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Larry Weltman is the founder of Larry Weltman Consulting a consulting firm that specializes in strategic planning, administration management consulting and marketing consulting to Canadian real estate agents and brokerages . Weltman Consulting was established to help facilitate the ever changing needs of realtors and brokerages.

Larry Weltman is an accountant by training and has many years of experience working at a real estate services business. He is a Customer Service Representative for Access-Easy-Funds Limited (AEF) an Ontario-based firm that provides Canadian real estate agents with advances on their commissions. In this capacity he has helped many real estate agents across Canada new to the industry successfully build their commission base; and has serviced many top producing real estate sales teams.

Larry Weltman is well known for his commitment to providing extraordinary customer service. Ever attuned to the changing needs of the real estate industry, Larry is a prolific writer who often pens articles related to the real estate market. He stays up to date on trends in the real estate industry, and is happy to share his knowledge with others. In his free time, Larry is committed to physical fitness and exercises daily. He’s competed in numerous triathlons and marathons as well as in Ironman Canada in 1992. A loyal fan of European soccer, he enjoys watching the games. Larry lives in Ontario with his wife and their three children.

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