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At Weltman Consulting we are committed to providing our clients with the most comprehensive real estate sales and brokerage consulting services. Weltman Consulting specializes in real estate sales and market consulting for realtors and brokerages. We offer consulting services in helping clients to draft and modify business plans, marketing, offer brokerage administration consultancy and can advise on cash flow management.

Larry Weltman established Weltman Consulting  when he realized the real estate sales market was undergoing major transitions, shifting towards more independent realtors who take on a majority of the business expenses themselves and work independently. Brokerages have faced additional expenses by way of compliance requirements whilst their cuts of commissions have shrunk significantly as competition has increased. Weltman Consulting provides realtors and real estate brokerages with consulting services to ensure they are well equipped with the requirements and obligations associated with running a real estate sales business.

From smaller local assignments to large scale country-wide engagements, Weltman Consulting provides superior service in a timely manner. Whether it's a straightforward administration consultation or complex business modeling, we will facilitate your needs and requirements.


The services offered at Weltman Consulting can help turn critical and complex real estate sales planning issues into functional opportunities for growth and profitability. We offer the industry experience, real estate know-how, and the strategic planning that helps lead to better decisions.

Our range of services includes:

Brokerage Administration Consulting
Realtor Administration and
business consulting

Brokerage Services

Brokerage Administration

Weltman Consulting offers a deep understanding of today’s changing real estate brokerage issues. We provide our clients with innovative ideas aimed at enhancing their results, thus allowing them to resolve key operational and administrative issues.

We offer a wide range of consulting services to Canadian real estate brokerages, including:

  • Cash flow optimization strategies and planning
  • Administration strategies and optimization
  • Managing agent receivables
  • Agent retention

Realtor Services

We provide our realtor clients with comprehensive, qualitative forward-looking insights that can assist and aid in the strategic planning and decision making process.

We can assist new and seasoned realtors with specialized consulting services:

  • Business plans
  • Marketing strategies
  • Cash flow projections
  • Expertise in consulting to top producing real estate teams.
  • Managing future commissions from pre-construction sales
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