How to build a Green Real Estate Business

Rooftop view of a city

As we become a more environmentally conscious society, conservation, preservation and stewardship are proving to be increasingly important issues. From coffee beans to the material used to build our homes, more of us are demanding that the companies, businesses and people we do business with are as green-focused as we are.

This is also true for the real estate sector, where homebuyers are now looking for green, energy efficient homes with reduced carbon footprints. In order to understand and facilitate the new green needs of homebuyers, realtors are also having to incorporate a variety of skills and techniques to appeal to the environmental conscious and tech savvy buyer.

Earn a green designation

From my experience working with realtors at AccessEasyFunds in the area of realtor commission advances, one of the best ways for realtors to embrace the green real estate sector is to earn one of the many green designations that are available.

There are local, national and international green training and education programs for realtors to choose from. Some of the most well-known and widely respected programs include: The LEED international professional credentials, which demonstrate a realtor’s current knowledge of green building technologies, best practices, and the rapidly evolving LEED rating system; and the EcoBroker Certified Designation, which is earned after a licensed real estate agent fulfills a set of requirements including an energy, environmental, and marketing training program.

Green your business

An important aspect to being a green realtor is implementing a robust green business plan. Switching from traditional print marketing and adopting a digital strategy proves you are committed to waste reduction and can save overhead costs.

Instead of buying or leasing a fancy luxury vehicle to drive clients to and from viewings, an electric or hybrid car will reduce fuel costs and keeps in line with the realtor’s green brand.

Offer green home and environmental tips on your business website’s blog. This will give clients a reason to return to your website after the deal has closed and can entice new clients with your knowledge and expertise.


Some real estate professionals use their related green interest or skills, such as alternative energy, energy efficiency or natural building, as a way to promote a niche service. In order to provide specialty green services, realtors should network and develop relationships with the green builders and contractors in their area. Taking it a step further and establishing contact with green furniture retailers and home décor shops is also a fantastic way to get green furniture and ideas for staging.

Use social media

Look for local green organizations and groups on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest and share green ideas and tips. This can lead to word of mouth promotion and introduce you to more like-minded business owners who are also working within the green sector.

For green realtors, one of the best pieces of advice is to stay current on the latest trends. As more green innovations become available clients will expect their realtor to be versed on a variety of green topics that are related to home ownership.