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Larry Weltman, who regularly consults with realtors and brokerages, writes about matters of concern to his clients. Subjects tackled include a range of issues from going green in your business to staging your home for potential buyers. Weltman also shares helpful marketing strategies on his blog.

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Buying and selling a home is an emotionally charged time. From feelings of excitement to nostalgic memories all the way to anxiety over the looming sale, the selling and buying process is an emotional roller coaster for buyers and sellers.

This is why hiring the right realtor is imperative. A good realtor will handle all the leg work involved in listing, staging and showing a home. They also work as a buffer or middle man between the two more, emotionally driven parties, namely the buyer and seller.

In addition to this, realtors




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Independent realtors have a lot on their plate. Between staging, showing and selling homes, these multitasking machines must also find time to advertise and market themselves and their business. Effective realtor marketing is key to attracting new customers, which is crucial for a thriving real estate business.

Unfortunately, unlike large real estate firms that have access to a team or department dedicated to marketing and drawing in new business, independent realtors have to take on the responsibility themselves. Because they are singly-handedly responsible for the success of their business, it is

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