How Real Estate Commission Advances Can Help Advance Your Business

Finances can be tight when you’re starting out as an independent realtor. You may have dreams of being able to move on quickly from deal to deal, closing on one property and being able to swiftly and easily move on to another.

But the reality is, it can take several months to complete a sale. And real estate agents don’t get their commissions until after the deal is closed and the Brokerage has collected on commissions. That can make things even more difficult for an independent realtor who doesn’t have a stash of money ready to use for expenses to move on to the next deal. And expenses don’t make exceptions — you have to either have enough saved to be able to work on the next
deal, or wait around for your commission, and possibly lose critical business in the process.

Waiting around is, frankly, not an option for most independent, small business real estate agents. Time is money, and lost time means lost money, especially when you’re trying to get a foothold in a highly competitive industry.

So, what can you do to ease the stress of the period between when it seems an agreement has been made to complete a sale, and the actual close of the deal? Well, one option is a real estate commission advance service.

Before you do a bunch of Googling, let me explain. Real estate commission advances are fairly straightforward, actually. They are an advance on the commission you will get once a deal is firm, but given to you earlier - ahed of the Closing - so that you can continue to work on your business and other deals in the meantime.

AccessEasyFunds offers these commission advances to realtors. AccessEasyFunds provides highly competitive rates when it comes to these sort of advances, and charge no application, set-up, or exit fees. That’s because they want to help make your financial situation less stressful, not more.

In addition, there is no upper limit on the dollar amount you can apply for when it comes to these advances. Get up 95% of your commission ahead of closing!

Advances are one the best kept secrets of successful real estate sales teams; many of which use advances to keep their cash flow and operations managed, and/or used advances get where they are today.

In addition, the process does not require additional collateral and their application process itself is designed to be effortless. You can apply for a commission advance on the very same day that the Agreement of Purchase and Sale is firm. The online application takes about ten minutes to complete, and the additional documents, can be emailed. Most advances are processed the same day. AccessEasyFunds has a great free mobile App – look for it on the Apple or Android store to make advances even easier.

Real estate commission advances are an excellent way to solve the cash flow concern that often crops up for realtors between the sale agreement and the final closing of a deal. At AccessEasyFunds, they want to make the option of a commission advance a real viable possibility for more real estate agents, and help them get back to work on the next deal. Real estate doesn’t wait, and neither should you.