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Larry Weltman, who regularly consults with realtors and brokerages, writes about matters of concern to his clients. Subjects tackled include a range of issues from going green in your business to staging your home for potential buyers. Weltman also shares helpful marketing strategies on his blog.

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For independent realtors there is no better resource than the internet. The immediacy, the reach and its low cost make it the ideal tool to reach new clients and sell homes. In fact, as much as 92 percent of homebuyers start their home buying search using the internet.

Whether homebuyers are searching neighbourhoods, real estate starts, actual homes or even agents, the internet is the first stop on their way to home ownership. Knowing that the internet plays a key role in helping people choose a home to purchase, it is

Instagram app on smartphone



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Let’s face it, when most of us think of social media, we automatically think of Facebook. The digital platform has taken on a life of its own since it was first launched to the general public in 2006.

In the decade since then, a plethora of other social networks have sprouted up in the digital space, each designed to offer its own unique experience and level of interaction.

In addition to being a digital way to connect and communicate with people all over the world, social networks have proven to be an

Car Parked



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Whenever a realtor asks me, “Larry Weltman, how can I get more business?” the first question I reply with is, “Are you maximizing word-of- mouth promotion?”

In today’s content saturated digital world, word-of- mouth referrals and recommendations reign supreme. More than ever, people value the opinions of friends and family members to guide them in the right direction.

According to a Nielsen Global Trust in Advertising Survey, 92 percent of people trust recommendations from friends and family, while 70 percent reported trusted opinions found online. An additional 58 percent trust the information

Row House



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Despite a growing number of home buyers using the internet to power their home buying search, curb appeal and exterior attractiveness are still among the top selling factors when it comes to showcasing a home for sale.

It’s no secret we live in a highly visual society. Today, the average home buyer will sift through dozens of homes online before ever setting foot in one. In order to compete in the digital market, a home needs to be inviting and appealing both inside and out.

While a potential buyer may be enticed

Living Room



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It is common knowledge that staging a home before listing it on the market helps the property sell faster and oftentimes for more money. However, convincing some clients of the value in staging can be difficult.

Some view the added expense solely as a burden. While others who have already spent money repairing and getting a home up to par may feel that investing in staging is an expense they can forgo. Convincing a client that staging is in their best interest may be one of the toughest jobs a relator

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