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Larry Weltman, who regularly consults with realtors and brokerages, writes about matters of concern to his clients. Subjects tackled include a range of issues from going green in your business to staging your home for potential buyers. Weltman also shares helpful marketing strategies on his blog.

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Toronto is my nearest big city. As a result, the city, and its real estate market, has a heavy influence in my business and, speaking more broadly, the city’s real estate market in many ways has an influence on the national real estate market.

One of the biggest pieces of news to come out of Toronto was the announcement that it was on Amazon’s “short list” to become the new location of one of the company’s headquarters. The search for the second Amazon headquarters, also known as Amazon HQ2, narrowed down



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Launching a real estate career is an exciting proposition. There’s a lot of opportunity out there for people who are self-starters and who enjoy helping others find the right property at the right time. But, what happens when you decide to break into real estate only for the market to settle into a mixed period? The good news is that there are ways to be successful, even in a mixed real estate market, if you’re willing to stretch yourself a little.

Developing good habits in a mixed or down market can

View of Houses



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If you’re among the half-million or so Canadian snowbirds who own property in Florida that may have been flooded or been otherwise damaged thanks to the recent rains and winds brought down by Tropical Storm Irma, call your insurer now (if you haven’t already).

But, don’t expect to get any help in recouping the damages from any U.S. government agencies. The U.S. government’s relief programs, typically from the Federal Emergency Management System (FEMA), are only provided to U.S. citizens, permanent residents, refugees and asylum seekers.

When you get your insurer on the




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Finances can be tight when you’re starting out as an independent realtor. You may have dreams of being able to move on quickly from deal to deal, closing on one property and being able to swiftly and easily move on to another.

But the reality is, it can take several months to complete a sale. And real estate agents don’t get their commissions until after the deal is closed and the Brokerage has collected on commissions. That can make things even more difficult for an independent realtor who doesn’t have a

City view



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As we become a more environmentally conscious society, conservation, preservation and stewardship are proving to be increasingly important issues. From coffee beans to the material used to build our homes, more of us are demanding that the companies, businesses and people we do business with are as green-focused as we are.

This is also true for the real estate sector, where homebuyers are now looking for green, energy efficient homes with reduced carbon footprints. In order to understand and facilitate the new green needs of homebuyers, realtors are also having to